Business Summary

Business Summary Music Publishing Digital Distribution Physical Distribution


"SPACE SHOWER MUSIC" is a "total support service of the music business" managed by Space Shower Networks Inc.
"SPACE SHOWER MUSIC" provides independent music creators total support of the music business, including production/distribution/sales of CD and DVD, digital distribution, promotion, online store management, digitizing archives, providing first-rate recording studio, administration of music publishing, and royalty calculation and distribution, among others. Our service provides artists with an environment that allows them to remain independent while enjoying the support of a major label.
We currently work with 1,500 labels and artists, distributing approximately 100 physical CD/DVD titles every month, and distributing roughly 5,000 songs to over 300 digital music stores in Japan.
With the continuous decline in physical sales, the music industry is confronted with the necessity of a fundamental reform, though none of us have yet come up with an absolute answer. Some companies have taken a defensive position, while others seek short-term profits; we believe, especially in a time like this, to invest in music, and to nurture it to create and secure a future for it. With positive thinking, ingenuity and endeavor as our motto, we venture into the latest digital technology with an analog spirit, and strive to shape new business models for the future of music.